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Lindsay Sauer

Freeland, WA
Bucket List, River Cruise, and Group Specialist

Born with an incurable case of Wanderlust, I have spent most of my life exploring this beautiful world in search of new and unique experiences.

I have visited 75+ countries and counting. But find myself con...

Do you believe in love at First Sailing? From the moment I first set eyes on the Scarlet Lady - I knew she was special. For years I have been impatiently waiting for this fresh, innovative concept that promised to shake things up. What I didn't realize until I stepped on board was just how much of an impact this new approach to cruising would have on me personally. As excited as I was about the Adults only concept, the Millennial focused marketing seemed to highlight a very health focused entertainment program and had me a bit concerned. Exercise classes on vacation? That is a hard pass for this plus sized, middle aged foodie. Luckily for me there was so much more waiting on board!

The on board entertainment is designed to encourage interaction and socialization and every activity has its own unique Virgin twist. From the Grog Walk Pub Crawl which is the perfect opportunity to meet your fellow sailors, to Board Games & Trivia Sessions hosted by The Gamer, Pop-Up entertainment that seems to appear out of thin air, Bingo sessions with songs sung by The Hostess, Late Night Dance Parties, the Cirque style performance of Duel Reality, and the playfully naughty Never Sleep Alone - you can see and do as much or as little as you want without judgement.

There are no announcements booming into your stateroom and disturbing you from whiling away the afternoon napping in your ridiculously comfortable hammock. You can cycle through all of the pre programmed mood lighting and music features of your high tech room while snacking on room service with blissful abandon. While evenings on the Scarlet Lady may belong to the social set - the mornings seem to draw an entirely different introspective crowd out to soak up the sunshine. There are enough quiet corners, coffee shop alcoves and seats with outlets on board to keep the most discerning of introverts happy. The seating is modern and fun- yet surprisingly comfortable.  

Years of incredible culinary experiences on smaller ships has left me a bit skeptical when it comes to dining on larger ships. However I am happy to report that the food was phenomenal! All of the pasta is made fresh daily by an Italian Chef, and the pizza is hands down the best I have ever had at sea. Pink Agave, Test Kitchen and Extra Virgin are not to be missed! The Burgers in the Galley are delicious, and they serve breakfast 24/7 which is wonderful news for the late night par-tiers stumbling out of the Manor in the wee hours of the morning in need of sustenance, or so I have heard. As someone who travels by their stomach - Virgin has completely ruined me! Forever raising the bar for quality, variety, and accessibility when it comes to food.

The staff is young and their energy is infectious -there doesn't seem to be a target age demographic for Virgin. It's more about attitude. The atmosphere on board was very open and welcoming to all. There are a few things they need to work on - the phone application was down for most of our sailing and drink pricing was not consistent. I have heard since that both have improved -  Virgin has been taking feedback to heart and implementing changes with EACH sailing to improve the overall guest experience. Overall this was such a refreshing experience and I can't wait to sail on the Scarlet Lady again in January!

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